Credit application without CDI: what solutions

The fact of not having a CDI is, in most cases, synonymous with precariousness. And when our finances are fragile, it is important to get credit to get by. Yet without professional stability, banks are reluctant to give us a loan. Fortunately, there is the credit for interim and fixed-term contracts. And since we know how vital it is for you to get a loan, we will help you: who to contact? How to do ? We tell you all there is to know about this type of loan.

The problem of a credit application without a CDI

The problem of a credit application without a CDI

If you have a job in fixed-term or temporary, you may have great difficulty to contract credits. Indeed, these professional statuses are often synonymous with financial instability. As your income is not regular and sustainable, you represent a risk for credit institutions. In the long run, you may not be able to repay your debts and no bank can accept this risk. The absence of a CDI is therefore an obstacle to applying for a loan.

Interim credit and CDD: the solution

Would you like to obtain a loan despite your temporary or temporary status? “Interim and CDD” loans are more likely to obtain funding despite your professional status deemed at risk. This is a social loan for people excluded from the traditional banking system. Although quite difficult to obtain, the interim loan and the CDD loan offer many advantages such as the flexibility and the speed of the release of the funds. In addition, each credit applicant can benefit from personalized follow-up until the validation and repayment of their loan.

Consumer credit

Interim credit includes consumer credit. It is a financing that allows you to meet your daily needs such as the payment of an invoice, the repair of a car or the purchase of household appliances. When applying, try to justify your money needs and avoid contracting for superficial expenses such as vacations or shopping.

The mortgage

A temporary or temporary worker has the right to obtain a home loan and to buy a house. However, certain conditions must be fulfilled, such as the exercise of a profession acting for several years and a spouse working on a permanent contract. In some cases where banks wish to minimize risk, credit applicants are encouraged to take out credit insurance. Thus, if the debtor has a financial problem, his insurer can pay his monthly payments in the meantime.

Who is the interim credit for?

Who is the interim credit for?

The CDD credit is only for people who meet the requirements of banks. As a first step, you must first demonstrate that you have a good borrower profile. For that you need :

  • have no refund incidents
  • not to be banned in the last 6 months
  • have a debt ratio of less than 33%

Then, despite your temporary or fixed-term status, you must have some professional stability. You must therefore justify at least 18 months of missions without any interruption. For certain credit institutions, the missions must have been carried out for the same company, or for companies working in the same economic sector. Performing a mission at the time of applying for credit can also increase your chances.

Finally, here are some tips to help you boost your credit application. First, the strong guarantees, the personal contribution or the deposit can make your job easier and reassure your creditor. Secondly, try to be reasonable and borrow the bare minimum so as not to arouse the suspicions of the bankers and especially to avoid falling into overindebtedness. Thirdly, if acting and CSD is a career choice, try to convince the lenders. Explain your professional projects in the long term and demonstrate that you are not in a precarious situation right now.

The documents required for the request

The documents required for the request

If you meet all the conditions for an interim credit application, you can get started. To begin, you must assemble your file by bringing some forms and the usual supporting documents: the copy of an ID, proof of residence, payslips, bank statements and tax notices.

Some banks may request other coins. This is the reason why you must find out about the establishment of your choice. Indeed, always send a complete file of application for interim credit and CDD. The absence of a single piece may result in the return of your file and this could waste valuable time.

The approach for a credit application without a CDI

The approach for a credit application without a CDI

To begin, go to the hunt for information from several banks and credit agencies, compare to find the best offer: better rate, interesting fees, repayment terms and conditions quite flexible. You can also use an online credit comparison tool to make your job easier. Once you have found the most suitable offer for your current situation, make an appointment with so that a counselor can guide you and study your case. Then, when you get the green light, mount your file and make sure it is complete. Send everything and wait for the bank to review your request.

Organizations to contact

Organizations to contact

You will not be able to get your Interim Credit and CDD if you do not contact the right organization. The list is not exhaustive, here are our few recommendations. With these banks and organizations, you will have a better chance of having a credit despite the absence of a permanent contract.

The banks

If your temporary status is a choice and you are not in a precarious situation, you can contact the banks. So you can easily get a car loan, a consumer credit or a home loan. At some banks, it will not be necessary to provide proof of expenses. In addition, the processing times are reasonable and the release of funds is quite fast.

The Temporary Labor Social Actions Fund

FASTT collaborates with Interim Agencies. This association aims to facilitate the lives of temporary workers and it makes it possible to get a loan to help finance the schooling of children, housing costs or holidays. Thanks to FASTT, you can get up to 10,000 euros with a repayment over 12 to 60 months. However, FASTT’s credit is not open to everyone. You have to meet certain conditions like a personal contribution.

The Family Allowance Fund

If you are going through a difficult financial situation, you can confide in the Family Allowance Fund. You will find many offers of credits: loans at zero rates, credits for the purchase of household appliances or credits for urgent need of money. But since it is a help for people in precarious situation, the loan will be granted according to the family quotient and the repayment capacity of the applicant. To accompany you with your request, ask for social assistance.

Creditcole Consumer Finance

Temporary workers who have completed at least 700 hours of assignments during the last 12 months can count on Creditcole Consumer Finance. With this type of credit, you can pay your daily bills, buy or repair your car and equip your home with appliances.

The postal bank

Think about the Postal Bank for your application for interim credit and CDD. It offers several forms of loan: personal loan, car loan or mortgage. However, certain conditions must be fulfilled, namely:

  • Have completed at least 700 hours of missions during the last 12 months
  • Being on a mission when filing the application file

If you meet the requirements, go to the postal bank to inquire and begin the process.

Temporary agencies

If you are going through a financial crisis, try to see the side of your temp agency. Indeed, some agencies work with banks to offer loan solutions to workers. Here are the x conditions to fulfill to benefit: not to be prohibited banking, to have a debt ratio lower than 33%, to carry out a mission at the time of the request and to open necessarily an account with the partner bank concerned.

Loans between individuals

Loans between individuals

The loan between individuals remains the most interesting option when one does not have a job on permanent contract. In fact, individuals are not really interested in the applicant’s professional status. In addition, they impose less condition and you will have more chance to have a loan as soon as possible. However, we would like to warn you against the scammers. To avoid them, choose loans from a family member or trusted friend. If no one can help you, think about reliable peer-to-peer lending platforms. In any case, do not forget to establish a contract. This document could always serve you if there is ever a dispute with your creditor.

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